[Zope-DB] Re: ZMySQLdb

Eron Lloyd elloyd@lancaster.lib.pa.us
Tue, 1 Apr 2003 16:34:20 -0500

On Tuesday April 1 2003 3:44 pm, Martin Gebert wrote:
> Seems like the development package of MySQL is missing; does SuSE 8.1 have
> a separate RPM for that (could be named mysql-dev or similar)? Search for
> mysql.h in YaST... If you already have it installed, give mysql-python (I
> presume that's what you're compiling) the path to the header files. See
> ./configure --help for the options. Else, deinstall the SuSE MySQL RPM and
> get one from mysql.com, or build it from source; with that you should have
> the environment needed.
> Martin

Thanks for the reply. I am using the mysql.com binaries for 4.0.12, and I have 
verified that the header files are present in mysql/include, which is 
included in setup.py in the list of paths searched through. There doesn't 
seem to be a configure script because distutils is used for building & 
installation. Guess I'll have to dive deeper and see what I find. 
mysql-python hasn't been updated in almost 9 months...perhaps I should 
investigate in an alternative adapter/database to connect Zope with. Kinda 
wish gadfly would be replaced by something like SQLite, bummer it's only a 

Thanks for the help,


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