[Zope-DB] connect oracle database with oracle client 9i and DCOracle on zop e plateform

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario@ita.chalmers.se
Thu, 3 Apr 2003 14:17:55 +0200

>From the INSTALL File included in DCO2:


 For installation from source, on Unix systems, type


 and the Makefile will attempt to properly configure your system.

 <windows stuff deleted>

This process will "guess" what Oracle version you are using and do it's
thing properly.

Hope this helps.


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Subject: [Zope-DB] connect oracle database with oracle client 9i and
DCOracle on zop e plateform

> hi,
> we have a big problem with zope and Oracle connection database.
> we have installed oracle client 9i on linux red hat 7.2 (it's okay), but
> we would like connect zope with 8i database on another server, we search
> database adaptor for zope, we find DCoracle2.
> when we used DCoracle2 we have this error message :
> "we have Installing: binary release for Python 1.5.2
>  ... test loading DCOracle2 ...
>  ERROR: DCOracle2 failed to load
> The most likely reason DCOracle2 failed to load is a platform
> binary mismatch between your version of Oracle and the
> version of Oracle the pre-built binary was compiled against,
> Oracle 8i.  You can either rebuild DCOracle2 from source, or
> install Oracle 8i client libraries on your computer.  You
> may be able to obtain Oracle client libraries at
> http://technet.oracle.com
> The python error message is:
> exceptions.ImportError: libclntsh.so.8.0: cannot open shared object file:
> such file or directory"
> we think it's because we used oracle 9i,
> do you know how use DCoracle2 with client oracle 9i or if doesn't exist
> DCoracle for oracle 9i.
> Laurent Carrié
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