[Zope-DB] Increasing the number of threads

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Thu, 3 Apr 2003 21:27:45 +0200

Andrew Veitch wrote at 2003-4-3 14:40 +0100:
 > I'm testing an application that is likely to have a fairly large number of
 > users simultaneously accessing Postgres. I'm using Psycopg. Some of the
 > reporting queries may well take several seconds to complete so I may well
 > run out of connections especially if the default is 7.
 > I've increased the number of connections that the Postgres backend can
 > handle just be editing the config file. But I'm unclear on how to increase
 > the number of threads at Zope's end.

You use the "-t" argument to "z2.py" to increase the number of threads.
However, the ZODB has a connection pool with 7 (non-version) ZODB
connections (by default). It is not useful, to have a higher
number of threads than connections.

You can edit the ZODB code or use a "custom_zodb.py" to increase
the number of ZODB connections.

Search zope.org for "custom_zodb", for details.