[Zope-DB] Zope DBs and Windows

Lindstrom Greg - glinds Greg.Lindstrom@acxiom.com
Fri, 4 Apr 2003 07:40:51 -0600

Hi, all-
I am running Windows 98 and Zope 2.6.1.  I would like to construct a web
application which would make heavy use of a database and would like to use
mySQL.  The documentation I have read indicates that getting mySQL and Zope
to work on a windows box is difficult at best; is this still the current
thinking?.  Switching to a Linux box is not possible at this time (so,
please don't write to tell me Windows is evil), though probably will be
within a year or so.

I could use the gadfly database packaged with Zope to get my prototype up
and running.  What I could really use is the set of SQL commands supported
by gadfly.  I have looked in the sqlgram.py file (as suggested on the gadfly
page), but I can not interpret the code.  Is there documentation mapping out
gadfly sql syntax and supported methods?  In particular, I would like to use
the AUTO_INCREMENT feature to get a unique line number for each entry in my
tables.  If there is not an AUTO_INCREMENT feature, how can I generate the
next line number using dtml in my "AddMemberForm" ZSQLMethod.  Perhaps use a
"select max(id) as id from Names", capture the output and add 1, then create
a "hidden" input field to pass the value into the addName method.

Also, does gadfly support Date/Time fields.  It is my understanding that
mySQL will support mxDateTime if it is installed on my box.

Will postgress install on windows and interact with Zope?  If so, does it
have the above features?

Thanks for any comments you may have.  In real life I am a C++ coder, but in
my spare time I am writing a package to help volunteer fire departments
manage their stations and can use any help you can pass on.

Greg Lindstrom, Captain
Vilonia Fire & Rescue
Vilonia, Arkansas, USA

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