[Zope-DB] Re: ZMySQLdb

Eron Lloyd elloyd@lancaster.lib.pa.us
Fri, 4 Apr 2003 09:49:40 -0500

Okay, I wasn't sure. If you look at the activity log: 
http://sourceforge.net/project/stats/?group_id=22307, you'll see that the 
code hasn't been touched in almost a year, with the Zope DA version 2.0.9b2 
being still in beta since last March. I'm new to databases and MySQL, but not 
to Zope, and was wondering if perhaps an effort should be made to review the 
code to keep it up to date with Zope...I'm sure enough people rely on this 
wonderful project to keep it healthy and active. I just get concerned about 
code that is over a year old (if it is stable thats ok, but let's move it up 
to v. 1.0).

Take care,


> Does it need any? And did you look at the sourceforge project page - the
> last update was 6/02:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/mysql-python
> If you have suggestions I'd recommend you contact Andy himself; he doesn't
> respond quickly, but AFAIK he still maintains this two packages.
> Martin
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