[Zope-DB] Zope DBs and Windows

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Fri, 04 Apr 2003 18:36:30 +0200

Lindstrom Greg - glinds wrote:
> Hi, all-
> I am running Windows 98 and Zope 2.6.1.  I would like to construct a web
> application which would make heavy use of a database and would like to use
> mySQL.  The documentation I have read indicates that getting mySQL and Zope
> to work on a windows box is difficult at best; is this still the current
> thinking?.  Switching to a Linux box is not possible at this time (so,
> please don't write to tell me Windows is evil), though probably will be
> within a year or so.

If you're on Windows, I'd suggest to take a look at the eGenix mxODBC
Zope DA. It offers you connectivity to most ODBC data sources out
there on the market.

Some tips:

* have a look at the MS Desktop Database Engine 2000: that basically
   an MS SQL Server 2000 in disguise and available as free download
   from MS

* alternatively, you can get a full-blown SQL 92 database in form
   of the open source SAP DB on Windows and connect to it using the
   mentioned DA

* use the MySQL ODBC driver to connect to the database on Windows

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