[Zope-DB] Newbie question: DCOracle2 installation

Tena Sakai tena.sakai.b@bayer.com
Mon, 7 Apr 2003 16:45:08 -0700


I finally got it!

What I kept stumbling at was:
      > vi Makefile  (and change the PYTHON variable to point at your python)
I thought what you meant was the python I was using.  Ie., /usr/bin/python
But under /Control_Panel I saw 2.1.3 and I realized that I need to try with that
which is under $INSTANCE_HOME/bin/python.  I fixed the PYTHON variable of
Makefile and that did it.  No more error message on DCOracle2 at the start up
I get DCOracle2 "add" option.

I am letting you know this because there is a chance in million that someone
will trip on the same thing...

Thank you.


Tena Sakai

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Tena Sakai wrote:

>Thanks for the pointer, Matt.
>I did have a problem with the oracle instance.
>Having fix that didn't fix the zope DCOracle2 problem.
>I went into DCOracle2/DCOracle2 directory and did
>"make clean" followed by "make" and stop'ed and
>start'ed the zope.  Here are the error messages that
>come to screen:

Try rebuilding one more time this time do:

make distclean

vi Makefile  (and change the PYTHON variable to point at your python)


It looks like it picked up a different version of python for building vs
what you are running Zope with.

Matt Kromer
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