[Zope-DB] freebsd & postgresql database adapters

Yves Bastide Yves.Bastide@irisa.fr
Fri, 11 Apr 2003 13:48:07 +0200

Norman Lorrain wrote:
> Oops, make that 4.8-stable.
>>I've updated to 4.8-current, and the latest postgresql.  All the
>>database adapters (in the ports tree) I've tried seem to have
> problems,
>>particularly since they are compiled against python 2.2.

Most people seem to use psycopg. You can find the source on 
http://initd.org/software/initd/psycopg; building for Zope is explained 
in the FAQ.

Also, Zope 2.6 works with python 2.2 (though not officially yet)