[Zope-DB] Newbie question: DCOracle2 installation

David Wilbur wildboar@cybermesa.com
Sat, 26 Apr 2003 14:10:35 -0600

I was having the exact same issue as Tena is stating here... or at least 
seemed to be =)

I have read thru the threads related to this, and i now have DCOracle2 
untared the file in [zope home]/lib/python/Products/ and left the name 
as is,  and all the other suggestions that Matt has made... and it works 

but... if you happen to place it in [zope home]/lib/python as i did at 
first, everything tests correctly but when you start up zope and look at 
the add list then you don't see the DCOracle2 connection and stored 
procedures... so, i might suggest that you double check to see that you 
placed everything in the [zope home]/lib/python/Products/ directory.

> Tena Sakai wrote:
> >Thanks for your reply, Matt.
> >
> >      > Well actually the easiest thing is to untar it in
> >      > .../lib/python/Products under your Zope home.
> >Naturally, I want to do the easiest thing and I
> >did as you suggested above and restarted zope.
> >But DCOracle2 option does not appear in the
> >"add" pull-down menu.  What am I missing or do
> >ing wrong?
> >
> >Thanks.
> >  
> >
> Chances are that the ORACLE_HOME isn't set up properly for Zope, or that
> it lacks filesystem permissions to access the ORACLE_HOME directory.
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> Matt Kromer
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