[Zope-DB] Extrange behavior with numeric datatypes and decimal places

Luis Mariano Luporini lluporini at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Aug 4 15:24:14 EDT 2003

Hi list.

I'm having a problem using the following:

- Gentoo Linux
- Zope 2.6.1
- Python 2.1.3
- psycopg 1.1.2
- zpsycopgda 1.1.2
- Postgresql 7.3.3

The situation is I'm trying to get a number (result of a division) 
rounded to two decimal places and can't get it to work.

After some research, my problem can be simplified to this:

If I run the query:

select 3::numeric(10,2)

in psql I get a result of 3.00 (normal and expected behavior)

in zope I get a result of 3.0  (why just one decimal place?)

How can I get around this. Is this a bug in psycopg or something like that?

Anybody experienced this?

Thanks in advance.

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