[Zope-DB] Results of a selection list

Andreas Tille tillea at rki.de
Tue Aug 12 17:17:06 EDT 2003


I have a search form in which I want the user input some strings
(in the example only one to make it short) and a selection list like this:

<form action="report" method="get">
item: <input name="item"          width=20 value="">
<select name=select>
<option tal:repeat="result here/selectSQL" tal:attributes="value
result/id" tal:content="result/name">

The report method calls another Z SQL method.  Now I'm looking for a clue
how to ask for the select property only if an item is really selected.
If the user did not touched the list (or switched back to the first item
of the list) this property should be ignored.

Any hints


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