[Zope-DB] Redhat 9 and zope with psycopg --> success

S K Rahman srahman at tracmail.com
Wed Aug 13 11:41:21 EDT 2003

I am intrested in knowing if you where able to make python method work 
with python 2.2 it breaks in zpythonbytecodehack.

Thanx in advance

Luke Vanderfluit wrote:

>I have Redhat 9 with Python 2.2.2
>I installed zope 2.6.1 from a .tgz file which installs python 2.1 as a
>matter of course during the installation.
>Then I wanted to connect to a postgresql database I have running.
>After having stuffed around a bit trying to install psycopg (using the
>default python 2.2) I installed it forcing it to use python 2.1, which
>If anyone is interested I'm happy to send them my notes on how to do
>kind regards,

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