[Zope-DB] connection string prob

Robert Kellock sales at creditscore.co.nz
Sun Aug 17 01:13:36 EDT 2003

On 15/08/03 at 12:05 Charlie Clark wrote:

>On 2003-08-15 at 11:42:14 [+0200], you wrote:
>> salut Charlie,
>> please i want more details
>> i have installed the Kinterbase 1.
>> zope and the interbase server are in the same machine why i can specify 
>> the server and the port
>I've never worked with Interbase and I don't have it here so I can't test 
>it. I've just looked at the windows package and it seems self contained, 
>i.e. it looks like it contains the driver as well. Like too many products, 
>it contains *no* documentation :-(
Another possibility to try is isectZope http://www.creditscore.co.nz/node7.html  It comes with prebuilt Windows binaries and a fair bit of documentation. The trick with isectZope is to get the Isectd middleware that comes with the download working independently first.  Once you know that it is working you can turn your attention to connecting Zope and Interbase together via Isectd.  An overview of Isectd and installing isectZope can be found at http://www.creditscore.co.nz/node6.html and http://www.creditscore.co.nz/node5.html respectively.
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