[Zope-DB] ZSQL method versus archetypes

Michele Bendazzoli mickymouse at mickymouse.it
Mon Aug 18 19:38:49 EDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 18:03, Andrew Veitch wrote:
> Without more details of your application it's hard to give you more advice
> but after years of being a relational database fan I've been converted to

The details are the following: we produce garbage collectors (I mean
those real not a piece of software) that let to authenticate the
customers provided with a key and to weigh punctually the conferred
garbage (the collector has incorporated a balance).
The site should store the information about the permissions of the keys
(which key has permission on which collector) and the weighed refusals
registered by the collectors.
The information is then transmitted by GSM to and by every collector.
The capacity of a collector can vary from 1100 to 1600 lt.
The simple db schema contain two many to may relations from collector to
keys via the intermediate table of permissions (key, collector,
permission) and transaction (key, collector, date/time, weigh).

Obviously there can be may row in the transaction table at least if we
sell many collectors ... ;-)

The site should be a nice interface for the administrator of the garbage
collection and be a portal of all the information about the system.
> I don't know archetypes that well but I don't think it would be practical to
> use it with a ZSQL method.

I think so too: in archetypes you can define the method of storage by
filling the storage attribute in the schema's declaration of the type of

Excuse me for the bad English.

ciao, Michele

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