[Zope-DB] DTML in ZPT

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Mon Aug 18 21:27:00 EDT 2003

Hi Charlie,

Charlie Clark wrote:
>>One of these is a parameter for a SELECT. The SELECT lists all the 
>>records matching a property. This is a property of a folder (Parent of 
>>current folder). How do I call this property in "dtml-sqlvar" in ZPT?
> I can't see the need for doing any SQL checking in ZPT. Please provide at 
> least a snippet of what you have.

Sorry - I don't think I'm asking a very clear question, and my zSQL 
works unchanged (since DTML days) anyway. The zSQL method which does the 
select takes a parameter. The parameter is the filter for the where 
clause: -

select *
where IssueName = <dtml-sqlvar FolderIssue type="string">

I *think* I'm "stashing" FolderIssue in a folder property, so that I can 
run the method and it pulls out the right issues for the folder. It 
works, but I just find the term "dtml-sqlvar" utterly confusing 
here...hence the "I think". Unfortunately, ZPT is turning my brain to 
porridge again...I lost touch with reality as soon as I opened up the 
zSQL and saw the letters "dtml" - I just can't see how DTML relates to 
my "Pure" ZPT+SQL construct.

Anyway, it works - and I propose to leave it for today and come back and 
pester the list with a request for some feedback on my HOWTO about all 
this when I have stopped shaking for long enough to write it...




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