[Zope-DB] DTML in ZPT

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Aug 19 00:02:39 EDT 2003

Philip Kilner wrote at 2003-8-18 19:40 +0100:
 > We have zSQL methods with "dtml-sqlvar".
 > One of these is a parameter for a SELECT. The SELECT lists all the 
 > records matching a property. This is a property of a folder (Parent of 
 > current folder). How do I call this property in "dtml-sqlvar" in ZPT?
 > The use of any construct called "dtml-" in ZPT has my head spinning! 

You do not use "dtml-" (especially "dtml-sqlvar") in ZPT.

The body of your Z SQL Methods remains DTML (with SQL extensions)
even when you use PageTemplates for presentation.

You can pass (keyword!) parameters to your Z SQL Methods.
In ZPT, it looks somehow like:

   <XXX tal:repeat="row ZSQLMethod(FolderIssue=here.FolderIssue)">


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