[Zope-DB] Problem with ZSQLMethod to DCOracle2 (Query Timeout!?)

Yoshino Megumi darjeeling_tea at yahoo.co.jp
Mon Aug 25 21:13:46 EDT 2003

Have you ever seen NO RESPONSE state at the time to use
ZSQLMethod with DCOracle2(v1.2) in ZPT(Zope2.6) ??
Just the same page is seen... 
and stop to read any more pages by the www browser

I'm developing a site handling huge amount of data.
So I doubt the ZSQL object can not make any response to

I think it's [timeout] of ZSQLMethod...
Is there Anybody know the way to changing [timeout]
attribute of ZSQLMethod or DCOracle2?

Please help me !
Best regards.

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