[Zope-DB] connecting with user passwords

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Dec 2 14:09:26 EST 2003

Tom Deprez wrote at 2003-12-2 14:21 +0100:
 > At the moment I've a connection to a Sybase database with a specific 
 > login/password.
 > This means that all users use this login when modifiying the database.
 > I've already made it possible that the users login in through LDAP. Now I 
 > would like that each user his/her own login/password is used for de 
 > database connection.
 > Is this possible? And if so, how to proceed?

Zope DA's do not support this.

If your database allows to switch users in an existing connection
(few do), then it is quite a simple modification in the DA.

If not, a new connection must be opened when the user changes.
If opening a connection is expensive (this is often the case),
you may need to pay a price for your special wish.


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