[Zope-DB] connecting with user passwords

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Dec 3 14:21:52 EST 2003

Tom Deprez wrote at 2003-12-3 09:59 +0100:
 > ...
 > >If not, a new connection must be opened when the user changes.
 > >If opening a connection is expensive (this is often the case),
 > >you may need to pay a price for your special wish.
 > Opening is not so expensive and it is for security reasons better in our 
 > situation.
 > Mmm, how would you do this ie opening a new connection when the user changes?
 > What happens if different users are connecting?

Remember the user for which the connection has been opened in
an attribute.

When a new user tries to use the connection, close the existing one,
open a new one for this user and remember the user in the variable.

When the same user comes, just use the connection.


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