[Zope-DB] ZMySQLDA installation

DeHa de_ha at o2.pl
Fri Dec 19 03:12:29 EST 2003


XP> System RedHat 9.0
XP> Latest version of Zope with Python 2.2
XP> Mysql installed by RPM 3.23 and sources copied of MYSQL

XP> All seems good , but , when I do the "make" command into ZOPE distrib
XP> /lib/Products/ZMySQLDA/src
XP> I have this errors :

XP> MysqlModule.c: incompatible type of pointer into puthonify_res_fields
XP> and:
XP> invalid value in unary '&' into STH_fetchdict

XP> What can happen ? Is this a version problem?
XP> I'm not confortable with PYTHON for now ...

I  think  there  is  one more thing you have to install - mysql-python


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