[Zope-DB] ZODBC getting dates from SQL Server

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Mon Dec 22 13:24:28 EST 2003

Tim Edwards wrote at 2003-12-22 18:07 +1100:
>I am using ZODBC to access SQL Server through a ZSQL method. I am trying to
>access dates from the result set but I can't work out what type it returns
>it as and how I can use it (I need to get the day of the week for that date,
>eg. if I have the date 01/05/2004 in my resultset I need to get that its a
>What type of object does ZODBC/ZSQL return DateTime columns from SQL Server

Probably, they are "DateTime.DateTime.DateTime" instances,
documented in "DataTime/DateTime.html".


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