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Wed Dec 24 06:36:32 EST 2003

    I'm a college student in China.I found Zope one month ago,and i  found that i have love it.
    So i want to ask a question.I was writing a Web message board for test.I have write the most part,
but a problem trouble me.I have write a page to delete articles in the message board.In a page i use a 
sql method list all the caption of article,after each caption there is a checkbox using to check if user
want to delete this article.the code like this:
 <form action="me_del_article" method="POST">
 <table width="400">
 <dtml-in sql_list_article>
 <dtml-var caption>
 <input name="title" type="checkbox" value="<dtml-var caption>">
 <input type="submit"><input type="reset">
and the sql method to delete article like this:
        delete from article where caption=<dtml-sqlvar item type=string>
and the DTML docment to invoke the sql method like this:
 <dtml-in title>
  <dtml-let item=sequence-item>
  <dtml-var item>
  <dtml-var sql_del_article>
I found the problem is that the sql method as if doesn't know the item object i creat.When i change the code 
and only check one checkbox to make the title is a string,not a sequence,the sql method work correct by that 
its params have  been changed to title.
If you can give me the  clearly answer i will very glad, but if you don't have much time to test the 
code,please give me some places to download some example pages,and there is so few docment about Zope in 
China.I have learnd Zope only by <<Zope Book>>.I don't how to learn more about Zope. 
PS:my english is so poor that i beg you can understand my meaning easily^_^
  thanks a lot!
             mysoso282 at yahoo.com.cn

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