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Rob Crotty r_crotty@yahoo.com
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Thanks for the help.  I see the concept now.  I am trying to come up to
speed on dtml, html and python simultaneously with the Access background
that automates alot of this so I need to think differently.


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I don't know about access, but for Oracle, you use a string variable and
then put a date function around it to convert to a date in the database ie
something like

WHERE date_column = TO_DATE(<dtml-sqlvar date_var type=string>,


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Thanks for that info.  In  my Access table I am using a text field for the
date as I have not figured out how to input as a date format from a ZSQL
method.  The types I am aware of are string, nb, float and int.  Is there
another type for date format input?

Thanks alot.



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