[Zope-DB] Learning Page Templates

Lindstrom Greg - glinds Greg.Lindstrom@acxiom.com
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 11:31:14 -0500

>>...though I would recommend moving to page templates as quickly as


This is off db, but *you* brought it up.  I worked my way through the "Zope
Bible" and didn't run across Page Templates until the very end.  Could you
give me some insight on the following (and though  some of this may sound
like flame bait, it is not my intention at all; all these concerns are

1.  I have read about the "whys" of Page Templates in the Zope Bible.  Is
this just a style question?  And would I find as many people advocating DTML
as Templates if I looked?  I think of the Perl versus Python "debate"
(usually little more than flaming) where there are good people on both sides
insisting that their way is the only true way to code when the truth is that
both Perl and Python have pros and cons, and both can pretty much be used in
most cases.  Is this the case for DTML and Page Templates, or are there
objective reasons to use Templates?

2.  How do I go about learning templates?  My Zope Bible is not up to date.
As I recall, when I tried to go through the material in the book, the
interfaces were different than those on my computer.  Should I read up on
XHTML first?  Are there white papers, or up to date documentation? Is there
something equivalent to the Elvis tutorial for templates?

Thanks for your time and understanding.  I *love* working with Zope and look
forward to your reply.

Greg Lindstrom
Vilonia, Arkansas (USA)

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