[Zope-DB] ZOracleDA hosing Oracle client software

Matthew T. Kromer matt@zope.com
Tue, 17 Jun 2003 15:20:09 -0400

Eric Burgess wrote:

>I am running Zope on my work PC, and installed ZOracleDA. 
>I was able to connect to our Oracle servers, however, I was
>no longer able to connect using my usual SQL tool
>(Embarcadero RapidSQL).  I had our helpdesk reinstall the
>Oracle client software on my machine, and RapidSQL worked
>again...but now the Zope database connections no longer
>I'm reluctant to do too much more experimenting because it
>takes about a week for our helpdesk to get anything done,
>and I can't afford to be down that long again.  Does anyone
>know what's going wrong, or have some advice for me?

ZOracleDA/ DCOracle2 shouldnt touch anything with your local Oracle 
install whatsoever.

It purely uses the client libraries that are installed on your machine, 
never writing any configuration data back to Oracle.

I would be astounded to find out that it was in actually disturbing your 

Having said that, it is possible that once Zope connects via the Oracle 
client libraries, no other clients could connect.  This SHOULD NOT be 
the case, but there may be a bug in the Oracle drivers.  With the way 
DLLs can load on Windows though, I don't guarantee that there isn't a 
way for Windows to screw things up.  It's also possible that a 
wild-store exists in DCOracle2 that causes grief -- but this should 
usually crash your process and would certainly go away on a reboot.

Were you installing Zope as a service?

Matt Kromer
Zope Corporation  http://www.zope.com/