[Zope-DB] HELP: sql.pyd in ZODBCDA-Zope2.6.2b3 w/ Python2.2.3 on Win32 fail ing

Samir Mishra SamirMishra@cbuae.gov.ae
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 11:17:39 +0400


I'm trying to run Zope 2.6.b3 on Python 2.2.3. ZODBCDA won't run with the
precompiled version of sql.pyd that comes with ZODBCDA. I tried compiling a
version for Python 2.2.3, but am failing. Has anyone already done this?
Could I get some pointers? Any help appreciated...

If anyone has a precompiled version of sql.pyd, can I use that?