[Zope-DB] HELP: sql.pyd in ZODBCDA-Zope2.6.2b3 w/ Python2.2.3 on Win32 fail ing

Charlie Clark charlie@begeistert.org
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 13:17:28 +0200

On 2003-06-30 at 09:53:23 [+0200], Venkatesh. K wrote:
> Hi,
> Zope is not compatiable with Python 2.2. Instead, you should use Python=20
> 2.1

Guido van Rossum stated at EuroPython last week that there is no reason he=20
can see for Zope 2.6.1 not working with Python 2.2.3, I guess he should=20

Apart from that: ZOBDCDA seems to be plagued with problems so take a look=20
at mxODBC. Marc-Andr=C3=A9 has pretty much every conceivable version of Python=20
running so it shouldn't be hard to get the one you need.