[Zope-DB] Znolk 0.2 on windows?

Robert Kellock sales@creditscore.co.nz
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 13:26:58 +1300

I have used it successfully on Windows (version 0.1.9). There is no C code=
 involved. It is all Python.

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On 9/03/03 at 11:51 Fernando Martins wrote:

>Does anyone have znolk 0.2 (from cvs), or even a former version, working
>The first problem I found is a missing module (csv) which looks to be a C
>extension. I'm not faimliar with how to extend Python (albeit I know C)=
>I don't have the time now to research how to deal with it and maybe there
>are other problems further on the line.
>As anyone gone through it?
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