[Zope-DB] result

D. Rick Anderson ruger@comnett.net
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 15:16:18 -0800

I sent this to the zope@zope.org board, but nobody answered and I 
supposed it's because it's more DB related. ;-)

I need to know how to build a 'result' like the ones that are returned 
from a query. I'm wanting to take a set of data, and be able to use it 
with dtml-in exactly like I would an SQL query. Mainly because 
eventually it will be replaced by an actual query and I dont' want to 
have to re-code this whole site when it does.  I read 'How to write a 
DA' on the Zope.org site, but it's section on the result is terse and 
doesn't really explain what you have to do.