[Zope-DB] ZMySQL python 0.9.0 problem

andy andy@bigorangelovebus.net
Thu, 13 Mar 2003 13:07:30 +0000

Thanks Charlie & all

using simply python2.1 setup.py worked, and stopped the errors. Now just 
need to figure out where e-smith have put the /usr/include/mysql/ since 
it ain't there. Accoring to the instructions for the DA, I also need to 
make an so file in /ZMySQLDA/src, but the /src directory isn't there, 
and e-smith doesn't have 'make' installed......

Maybe I'll go get normal RedHat :-)

But thanks very much for all your help!


Charlie Clark wrote:
> On 2003-03-13 at 12:46:57 [+0100], andy wrote:
>>Thanks Gareth
>>Python 2.1 is on the machine, but if I type python in the command line, 
>>it's the 1.5.2 version that starts off, not the 2.1 - I'm not sure if I 
>>need to remove the old python version? Zope evidently knows about 2.1 
>>because it's running happily at the moment anyway.
>>Checking the path using the commands you gave returned TypeError: call of 
>>non-function (type list)
> You'll need to install for the Python running in Zope, ie. not straight 
> python setup.py but call ~/zope/bin/python setup.py or similar (change the 
> path to suit your needs)
> Charlie
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