[Zope-DB] SQL exception handling questions

Luis Mariano Luporini lluporini@yahoo.com.ar
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 12:57:16 -0300

Hi list:
       I'm trying to learn more about Zope/Python. I think it's a really 
great tool.

       Now my situation:

       I'm using Zope 2.6.1 w/ Python 2.1.3, z/psycopg 1.1.2 and 
Postgres 7.3 on Gentoo Linux.

       I have a connection open to the pg server, I can 
select/delete/insert/update without problems.

       I have now a ZSql method that performs an insert and I have a 
Python Script that calls it. I'd like to check if the execution of the 
insert operation was succesful and if not, the reason.

       Now the questions:

       1) I've read about try/except and StandarError.

           if I use something like:

                       some statement
               except StandardError, e:
                       print e

       I got a whole string containing the sql executed an a description 
of the error. So what is e really? Can I get an error number, 
description and more information out of e? If not how can i do it?

       2) Trying to specialize the exception treated I changed 
StandardError for IntegrityError/DatabaseError but in both cases i got:

       *Error Type: NameError*
        Error Value: global name 'DatabaseError/IntegrityError' is not 

       Then i added to the script "import psycopg", with the same 
results and finally tried "import psycopg.Error" and got

       *Error Type: ImportError*
        Error Value: import of "psycopg.Error" is unauthorized

       So which way I have to go?

       Thanks in advance.


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