[Zope-DB] Re: Zope Mysqlda

Martin Gebert Murphy@members.netsolution-net.de
Sun, 23 Mar 2003 15:55:18 +0100

Daryl Middleton schrieb:
> When I try to establish a ZMysql Database Connection Method, below id and
> title it directs you to enter a database connection string.  The format for
> the entry is decribed as [+/-database[@host[port:]][user[password[unix
> socket]]].  Then below indicates "or typically" database user password.  I
> have tried differant configurations but I have yet to get it right.  I am
> using Mysql as localhost on port 3306.  Can someone give me an idea how the
> connection string should look. Thanks

Assuming you have a InnoDB Database named "db" running on your localhost (the same computer Zope is running on) and there's a user account named "jrandom" being permitted to access this DB with the password "hacker":

+db jrandom hacker

The plus sign indicates that transactions should be enabled; AFAIK if you use only MyISAM tables this has no point.
Add host and port according to your setup (3306 is AFAIK the default port of MySQL, so there's no need to provide host and port in the above sample).