[Zope-DB] I've looked high and low for installation instructions.

Tamir Halperin tamir@brobus.net
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 23:41:49 -0500

I just can't find them anywhere. Can someone please inform me as to the =
installation instructions for installing and configuring the most =
current version of ZPsycopgDA to work with my Zope 2.5 running on Win2K?

I downloaded the file psycopg-1.0.14.tar.gz and now I don't know what to =
do with it. Please note that I'm new to Zope and so probably won't =
immediately understand lots of technical lingo about this technology.

A beginner's document would come in very handy but ultimately I need to =
get the DA installed and talking to my pgsql server.