[Zope-DB] DMTL and DateTime or... mxDateTime

Eric Kamm eric@analyticinnovations.com
Thu, 8 May 2003 13:44:31 -0500


Here's a DTML Method using the year method of a DateTime object:

    <dtml-var standard_html_header>
    <dtml-var "_.DateTime().year()">
    <dtml-var standard_html_footer>

I can access this as "Anonymous User" with no trouble.  Are you sure
the variable you are working with is a DateTime object?  Without any
more details, I can't think of what is wrong except that your role
does not have the permission which allows access to the year method
on the object in question.

Eric Kamm
Analytic Innovations, LLC

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hum... i've tried this before and what happens when i do this is i get a 
login prompt put up infront of me... and even if i do login using a 
valid account... it is in a loop of login.

<dtml-var "start_date.year()">

if i cancel the login i get:

Error Type: Unauthorized
Error Value: You are not allowed to access year in this context

and i truly have been disconnected too, since to do anything else at 
this point, i have to relog in.


Eric Kamm wrote:

>Search for "datetime" in the Zope help system and then 
>read about the methods the DateTime object supports.
>For example...
>    <dtml-var "start_date.year()">
>    <dtml-var "start_date.AMPMMinutes()">
>The DateTime object has dozens of very useful methods
>to help you with rendering among other things.
>Eric Kamm
>Analytic Innovations, LLC
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>Subject: [Zope-DB] DMTL and DateTime or... mxDateTime
>i was wondering of if someone could give me an example of manipulating 
>dates in dmtl... like for example with the folloing snipit:
><dtml-in getTask>
><dtml-var task>,  <dtml-var start_date> <br>
>all that is meaningful is the date, in fact just the year in this case.  
>but, by default, with postgres and psycopy, i am getting the date and 
>the time.  i tried, form the DateTime definitions get it to change the 
>date to just year... but in several of the permutations that i have 
>tried it actually seem to send  zope off to nana land (ie: non responsive).
>so... i was hoping that i could be given enough of an example to know 
>how to get back the year, and also how one would sperate out a date and 
>time.  so that i could move on...  also, since i have mxDateTime 
>installed, and there is a lot of indications that it is "better".  if i 
>use that instead, is the answer effectivly the same or does it have a 
>different syntax.  
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