[Zope-DB] Oracle CLOB problem

Cliff Ford Cliff.Ford@ed.ac.uk
Thu, 08 May 2003 19:44:04 +0100

Cliff Ford wrote:
> Can anybody advise? I have been using both Oracle and MySQL (it's a long 
> story). All seemed in order until I needed to use Oracle CLOB fields. It 
> turns out that I can't read or write BLOBs or CLOBs even with the 
> example scripts on the zope.org How To page. I am using Oracle 9.2.0 (is 
> that the problem) with ZOracleDA 1.2 and Zope 2.5.1 (just about to 
> switch to 2.6.1). The last set of correspondence I could find did mot 
> end up with a success/no success story.
> Any comments would be appreciated.
> Cliff

I should have added:

The scripts run without error but the list_blobs document returns 'None' 
for the CLOB values, even though some text has been entered by an 
alternative route.