[Zope-DB] ZSQL Method dictionaries() failing - Please help!

Samir Mishra SamirMishra@cbuae.gov.ae
Tue, 20 May 2003 09:41:58 +0400

Hello all,

I've been following the examples, documentation, etc. and have not been able
to figure this out, something I consider ought to be TRIVIAL!!

I connecting to a MS SQL Server using ODBC on Win2000. I have a table in the
DB called holidays containing 2 columns, 'date' and 'occasion' (should be

In Zope, I have a corresponding ZSQL method getHolidays -
select date, occasion from holidays order by date

In a python script, context.getHolidays().data_dictoinary() returns -
  'date': {
    'name': 'date', 
    'type': 'd', 
    'parser': <class DateTime.DateTime.DateTime at 00C69B7C>, 
    'width': 23
  'occasion': {
    'name': 'occasion', 
    'type': 't', 
    'parser': <function parse_text at 011B1294>, 
    'width': 40

(Formatting for convenience). This is not what I ought to get, I think!

On the other hand, to get the contents of the table 'holidays', when I
execute context.getHolidays().dictoinaries(), I get -
Error Type: AttributeError
Error Value: DatabaseResults instance has no attribute 'dictionaries'

It's extremely annoying, not being able to do something as simple as this!
Does anyone know what may be going on?

Thanks in advance...