[Zope-DB] Problem installing zodbca ODBC driver

George Perry PerryG@esi.com
Wed, 21 May 2003 10:01:54 -0700


I looked closely at the mxODBC website
http://www.egenix.com/files/python/mxODBC-Zope-DA.html#Purchase and did not
see any 30 day trial offer advertised.

One of the reasons that I am evaluating Zope is because the proprietary ODBC
driver for MSAccess is broken (to the the extent that it is not fully
compatible with the proprietary Progress/Merant ODBC driver for the database
that I need to connect to).  Our MIS folks said that they can only deal with
MS and since the MS provided ODBC driver is broken, we will have to live
with it.  I have already demonstrated that the nonproprietary perl dbi ODBC
drivers will work successfully with the Progress/Merant ODBC interface.  I
was hoping to show that the Zope ODBC drivers would also work.  Going to
another proprietary solution would be a step backwards in my opinion.  I
don't have any problems with a commercial ZODBCDA, I just don't want to be
unnecessarily dependent on another proprietary, closed source tool.

FYI, I am just using the gnu tools (e.g., tar) under the Cygwin posix
environment on MSWindows because I am more comfortable with the command line
tar tool than with the GUI WinZip tool.  I am pretty confident that tar is
working as expected.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Thank you,
George Perry

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On 2003-05-21 at 18:11:33 [+0200], George Perry wrote:
> Charlie Clark was also kind enough to respond to my request for help, 
> suggesting that I try the ZmxODBC product.  I believe that this is a 
> commercial/proprietary product.  I am afraid that I would have a hard 
> time convincing my boss to spend approximately $100 so I can evaluate 
> something that is supposed to be free, but which I am unable to get 
> running.

mxODBC is free to trial (30 days use, I believe). See if you can get it 
working and then work on ZODBCA once it is. cygwin based things can be very