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Norfleet, Sheppard S. SNorfleet2@northropgrumman.com
Thu, 22 May 2003 07:37:14 -0700


Thanks for responding, currently I am using DCOracleStorage that came with
DCOracle2 1.3b so i shouldnt be having this problem right?  If not, what
remedy might I try to solve this problem. 

Thanks again,


>Shep, you're using DCOracle2 1.3 or higher, right?  DCOracle2 1.2 
>release is busted with respect to LOB objects, which DCOracleStorage 
>uses (all LOBS get marked as being temporary, and if they're actually 
>REAL lobs, the temporary flag is never cleared, making all reads return 
>0 length).

>I think this is probably what is griefing you.

>Matt Kromer
>Zope Corporation  http://www.zope.com/