[Zope-DB] Database Data

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Thu, 22 May 2003 20:26:37 +0200

Lindstrom Greg - glinds wrote at 2003-5-21 12:31 -0500:
 > I am using Zope 2.6, mySQL 3.23 with the eGenix myODBC DB adaptor (which I
 > love!) on Windows 98 and have the following questions.
 > 1.  How can I retrieve data from a database query when I know there is only
 > 1 row to be returned (for example, I have a "users" table)?  Currently, I am
 > using a <dtml-in...> loop and I feel a little silly.

The result behaves like a sequence.
You use subscription syntax to access the elements of a sequence,
like "seq[0]", "seq[1]", ....

Your concrete case might look like:



     <dtml-let firstHit="query()[0]">

 > 2.  Can I use the <dtml-sqlgroup> with joins?  For example
 > 	SELECT n.name, a.city FROM Names n, Addresses a <dtml-sqlgroup
 > where>
 > 	<dtml-sqltest myKey col=n.myKey op=eq type=string>
 > 	<dtml-and>
 > 	   n.myKey = a.myKey
 > 	</dtml-sqlgroup>


 > 	I can't figure out how to do the n.myKey = a.myKey, and I will be
 > doing a lot of joins.

It will work as you wrote it above.