[Zope-DB] Re: Zope-DCOracle2 vs Tomcat-JDBC performance

Umberto Nicoletti unicoletti@prometeo.it
Mon, 26 May 2003 08:59:27 +0200

thank you for your timely replies and your interest in this.

Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Umberto Nicoletti wrote at 2003-5-24 11:29 +0200:
>  > Still this does not explain the perfomance gain when using query caching.
>  > We ran the same test with query caching (settings: max 2000, cache 100, 
>  > time 60) turned on and got MUCH better results ( only 7 times slower 
>  > than Tomcat and average response time under 1 sec).
>  > I would believe that those security check would be done also with cached 
>  > results...
> You are right.

So I am lead to conclude that maybe something is 'wrong' with the thread 
implementation in Zope/Python.
I read something about it and, if I recall correctly, it stated that if 
a thread was not 'well behaved' in the sense that prior to call a 
potentially locking external subroutine (as it is the case with Oracle 
apis, or with file I/O) it didn't release locks, it could hang the 
interpreter thus slowing down the whole thing including, in the case of 
Zope, the serving of 'static' pages.

Do you think that stackless python could help here (please bear with me, 
this is a *wild* guess)?


> Dieter