[Zope-DB] zsql method w/ more than one field failing?

Christopher Heschong chris@screwdriver.net
Tue, 27 May 2003 18:08:54 -0400

OK, I have a very simple sql method.  It has 2 arguments (inet, client_hostname).  Here's the text of the 

select * from lease
  <dtml-sqlgroup where>
    <dtml-sqltest inet type=nb op=eq optional>
    <dtml-sqltest client_hostname type=nb op=eq optional>

When I click on "test" and put in the value 'a' for inet and the value 'b' for client_hostname, it returns this 
sql query:

select * from lease
client_hostname = 'b'

When I add more fields, it only uses the last field in the SQL query.  Ack!

I'm running Zope 2.6.1 and ZMySQLDA 2.0.8

What could I be doing wrong?