[Zope-DB] Problem installing zodbca ODBC driver

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Fri, 30 May 2003 23:45:13 +0200

George Perry wrote:
> Charlie:
> I looked closely at the mxODBC website
> http://www.egenix.com/files/python/mxODBC-Zope-DA.html#Purchase and did not
> see any 30 day trial offer advertised.

FYI, we'll put the eval license option up again next week. We'll
also issue a special offer for those coming to EuroPython 2003
this year.

> One of the reasons that I am evaluating Zope is because the proprietary ODBC
> driver for MSAccess is broken (to the the extent that it is not fully
> compatible with the proprietary Progress/Merant ODBC driver for the database
> that I need to connect to).  Our MIS folks said that they can only deal with
> MS and since the MS provided ODBC driver is broken, we will have to live
> with it.  I have already demonstrated that the nonproprietary perl dbi ODBC
> drivers will work successfully with the Progress/Merant ODBC interface.  I
> was hoping to show that the Zope ODBC drivers would also work.  Going to
> another proprietary solution would be a step backwards in my opinion.  I
> don't have any problems with a commercial ZODBCDA, I just don't want to be
> unnecessarily dependent on another proprietary, closed source tool.

mxODBC is known to work well with Merant drivers (and many others),
so chances are high that the mxODBC Zope DA can meet you requirements.
It is currently closed source, but we will probably issue a source
license kit for the product in the near future. OTOH, you probably
don't want to get into the ODBC support business yourself if you
don't have to :-)

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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