[Zope-DB] uid-get results from zsql within py script

Rob Dunfey robsroom at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 4 06:32:32 EST 2003

Hello List Members,

I am trying to insert a new entry into a DB.  First I need to build the a
UID.  My UID involves the year e.g. '03' concatenated with the entry number
e.g.'001', a complete value for the field may look like '0301' ro '03002'
for the second entry.  So to do this first I must count the number of
entries already entered for a particular year, I do this using a (count
like) '03%%' select statement.  I wish to make the UID and insert it in the
DB by calling a single python script.  In this script I get the current year
by using a datetime() object, then I try and call a ZSQL statement from the
script.  The dateTime object successfully returns the string for example
(print dateTime.yy) prints '03' to the screen.  I have tested the ZSQL
satement and it works, I pass a parameter called year as a string like
'03%%' and it works, but not from within the script?

# Return a string (year).

#print what is being passed to the screen
f = e.yy() + '%%'
print f

# Count existing Records

The above code doesnt produce any errors, but I cant get anything out of the
result objects?

Any help much appreciated,


PS If anyone knows a tidier way to make the UID 'YY_Applicant#' please guide

If this has posted twice, sincere apologies, I havent used the list before 
and I post twice since first time I received a failed to deliever msg.

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