[Zope-DB] Can't get DCOracle2 to work with Python in Zope

John J Shockro John_J_Shockro at raytheon.com
Tue Nov 4 07:51:27 EST 2003

If I try to use DCOracle2 in a Zope Python script, it fails at the 'import
line. If I try it in an External Method, it fails at the connection string
line with
'DCOracle2 has no connect attribute'.

import DCOracle2

dbconn = DCOracle2.connect("....")

If I use

dbconn = connect("...")

Zope complains about unknown global connect.

DCOracle2 is working fine with two Oracle databases as a Zope Product
using Z SQL Methods and it works in a standalone Python environment.

What am I missing?


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