[Zope-DB] Can't get DCOracle2 to work with Python in Zope

Matthew T. Kromer matt at zope.com
Wed Nov 5 11:13:44 EST 2003

Chris Withers wrote:

> John J Shockro wrote:
>>> Why are you trying to use DCOracle2 from a python script in Zope?
>> I need to call Stored Procedures with IN and Out parameters.
> Do Z Oracle Stored Procedure objects not let you do this?
> Chris
Sort of; the DBAPI says the result of a stored procedure using a the 
procedure call method is the list of all parameters.  DCOracle2 (if I 
recall) uses a more terse mode for compatibility with DCOracle where the 
result list is the list of all OUT paramteters (including IN/OUT 

So you'd do (a, b, c) = proc(x, y, z, a)

if a,b,c were OUT parameters of the proc, where b and c were OUT only, 
and a was IN OUT.

Matt Kromer
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