[Zope-DB] New ZOracleDA to test

Willi Langenberger wlang at wu-wien.ac.at
Wed Nov 5 11:30:21 EST 2003

According to Chris Withers:
> I've finally(!) finished my first pass at reworking ZOracleDA.

Cool. Many thanks for your work!

> 3. Full test suites. See the notes at the end of the README file for 
> instructions on how to run this.

Ok, i started to try the tests. I tried to do it as the README states,
and this is what i got:

  zope at bach-s3:~/DCOracle2-cvs/test$ python2.1 test_dcoracle2.py
  .............F.......Segmentation fault

test_close() was the one which failed, and test_fetchall() yielded the

Reason: i started the test scripts in my build directory, but python
got the other (production-) version, from $PYTHONLIB/site_packages.

After i set sys.path to the new directory, these errors (incl any
segfaults) went away. (There were other FAILs, but i have to look into
it first -- i will report soon.)

I dont know what the right fix for this is. Maybe the test script
should set the right path itself, or it should be mentioned in the
README ("Dont forget to set the python path to ...").



PS: Anyway, i skimmed through the changes, they look promising! Can't
wait to try them out ;-)

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