[Zope-DB] eGenix mxODBC Zope DA 1.0.7 pre-release

M.-A. Lemburg mal at lemburg.com
Sun Nov 9 17:32:37 EST 2003


We've been working on a fix for the problems that some of our
users have seen esp. with MS SQL Server where Zope would deadlock
with certain query setups under heavy loads and situations where
multiple Z SQL Methods were being used within a single request.

The beta version we are making available here uses a more restricted
way of implementing the connection pool that assures that physical
connections cannot be used outside their original thread context (this
should help with the MS SQL Server problems) and bind usage of the
connections to a single request (fixing the multiple Z SQL Methods

Note that the pool size is now considered only a guideline for the
DA. Under heavy load, the pool size will go up to the number of
Zope threads serving requests. The DA will try to trim the size
down to the set pool size again as soon as the load goes down
as well.

Please give the beta a try and tell us whether it fixes your
problems, if any. The 1.0.x eval and production licenses will also
work with this version.

These are the available download links:

Binaries for Solaris and FreeBSD will be available for the release

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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