[Zope-DB] Problems installing the Zope ODBC Database Adapter

Charlie Clark charlie at begeistert.org
Wed Nov 12 07:03:37 EST 2003

On 2003-11-12 at 00:29:47 [+0100], Jobes, Steve wrote:
> I'm attempting to install the Zope ODBC Database Adapter and I'm having a 
> few problems. I have Zope 2.6 up and running on a 2000 box yet when I try 
> to unpack the 3.1.0b2 module into my zope directory it essentially 
> destorys my zope installation. I get 404 errors and zope will no longer 
> come up. I have followed the instructions exactly as they were written 
> and unpacked the contents into my top level zope directory so I'm not 
> sure what is going on. I have also restarted Zope as well as the box 
> itself. The only change I've made is changing the default port from 8080 
> to 80 in the z2.py file. Other than that it is a completely stock 
> install. I didn't use the 3.1.ob2 for Python 2.1 because I was under the 
> assumption that was only needed for Zope
> 2.4. Am I mistaken? Can you see anything obvious that I am doing wrong? 
> Any
> help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou so much for 
> your time.

Please check the documentation but I think the Zope ODBC adapter is Unix 
only. If that is the case try the mxODBC combination from egenix.com


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