[Zope-DB] SQL Oracle and Drop Down Boxes

Rob Dunfey robsroom at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 12 08:51:47 EST 2003


I am new to Zope and Python and Web Development really.  I am trying to do 
something I am sure must be very simple.  I want to query an Oracle database 
table using SQL and populate a drop down box with the returned values.  Can 
anybody point me in the direction of a simple example?

formelements.zexp; sql2form.zexp and SQLFormsDemo.zexp

formelements is the closest example of what I would like to achieve, but I 
cannot import the file?  I have asked the administrator who maintains the 
Import folder to investigate this.  The other examples look a little like 
over kill for what I actually require, and the most appropriate only works 
with MySQL, unfortunately I am using Oracle.

Any help or pointers would be very much appreciated,


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