[Zope-DB] SQL Oracle and Drop Down Boxes

Dieter Fischer dieter.fischer at grid-it.ch
Wed Nov 12 18:20:25 EST 2003

> I am new to Zope and Python and Web Development really.  I am 
> trying to do 
> something I am sure must be very simple.  I want to query an 
> Oracle database 
> table using SQL and populate a drop down box with the 
> returned values.  Can 
> anybody point me in the direction of a simple example?

Hello Rob

I'm using for that the formulator product:


Having an SQL-Method 'countries_sql' like this:

SELECT	code	AS code,
		text	AS text
FROM		code
WHERE		domain	= 'COUNTRY'

which is called by a python script 'countries_py':

result = []
for sql in container.countries_sql():
    tuple = sql['code'], sql['text']

return result

you can call this in the form TALES/Items with:


Works fine and is resusable.



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